How to Have a Healthier Body Image

What are your thoughts on your body? Is the first thing that comes to mind that you like it? Or even love your body?

A poor body image can affect someone in many ways, like work performances, in relationships and even in your overall life. Many times people have specific parts of their bodies that they don’t like, it can be something “small”, like their lips or nose. Or it can be the legs, arms or tummy. 

If you asked 100 people about what they don’t like about themselves, you would probably get a pretty long list. 

I hope that will change in the future.

So why do so many people have an unhealthy body image? 

If you want someone or something to blame for having a poor body image, you could blame it on the upbringing (maybe a family member said something about a specific body part, or that certain body parts should look a specific way) or maybe you would blame it on the media, which never seems to get enough of publishing how to get the “perfect” body. 

Certain celebrities make a living advertising diet products, most of the times it is products they don’t even use themselves and sometimes those teas/shakes/whatever can actually be dangerous for your digestive system.

Anyway, the point is not to talk too much about the bad side of this subject. I want to give you ideas on how to get a better body image. 

And who wouldn’t want to feel better about their body?

But before that, remember that there is no such thing as the “perfect” body. There have always been ideals, but those ideals have changed with time and will keep on changing.

Here are some ideas to have a healthier body image:

Remember what your body is able to do. Studying biology and all the functions of your body can help you see that. Every part of your body have an important job to do, and it’s working its ass off to stay alive and healthy. So look at your body like a friend that is keeping you alive instead of focusing on how it looks.

Give yourself compliments. Decide every day to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself three compliments. And if you have had a bad day and think bad thoughts about your physical appearance, you have to apologize to yourself and give yourself compliments instead. 

You probably wouldn’t say rude things about your friend’s appearance, so why do you do that to yourself? Stop it. Treat yourself the way you would your best friend. 

Focus on being healthy. A healthy body is way more important than a good looking body. Please don’t change your body into something that it is not, just because society/celebrities/family members/friends thinks so. Cut those influences out of your life. I once knew a girl who were told from an early age how women were “supposed” to look like. She ended up doing operations to look that way and contemplated starting to wear corsets. I tried to talk her out of it, but I know that it can be very difficult to change your views if you have been subjected to something that much in your past. 

Try to shift your mindset of the way your body looks to taking care of it instead. And by the way, if you’re healthy, you get kind of a glow, and that is gorgeous. And you will be happier. And happiness is awesome. 

Do a social media detox. Remove/unfollow those bad influences who only post heavily edited images of themselves or “perfect” looking pictures. Instead, follow real people who are open and honest. We all know how easy it is to use filters. Stop doing it and stop trying to look like something that is not you. If you constantly try to change your looks because you don’t think your pretty/skinny/fit/whatever enough on social media, how are you supposed to feel good in real life?

Choose your inner circle wisely. Hang out with people who truly care about you and are in no way shaming you. Not they way you look, or what you do. Spend time with those who will lift you, bring you good energy and support you. 

I’m absolutely not saying that this is easy, it takes a lot of work. But I believe that if we start to take care of ourselves and be kind to ourselves, no matter how we think we look or what we think we deserve, the future will be better. For all of us.

Do you have any suggestions on how to have a healthier body image? Please share in the comments! ❤

And if you are looking for my e-book How to Find Inspiration you can find it through the link here!

The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

Remind yourself of the last time you felt truly grateful for something. Was it about a person in your life, being able to run or the kind gesture of a stranger?

Being grateful for something can come in many different shapes and forms. Gratitude is the emotion you express for something you appreciate having or getting. It’s about recognizing the value of something without its monetary worth. It can be described as a spontaneously feeling or an affirmation of goodness, it starts with noticing the good in your life.

The opposite of gratitude – and what one might call “thieves of gratitude” – are narcissism, envy and cynicism. A culture of materialism, which is all about instant gratification, and seeing things as the source of happiness and constantly wanting new stuff is the opposite of being grateful for what you have. (This is bad, in case someone was wondering.)

Although gratitude in itself is a spontaneous emotion, research show that you can live a happier life by consciously make efforts to count your blessings. It is possible to train your brain to experience this wonderful feeling – and there are several personal and social benefits to do so. Yay!

You can feel grateful for your life in general, having a job and a stable income, your family, your pet (well ok – I know they’re family), colleagues, friends, nature and your health. This gratitude will impact your life, both on the inside and on the outside.

Appreciation boosts your happiness and will make a difference for both your physical and mental health. This applies even to those who might struggle with depression, or other mental issues. Over time, the effects of gratitude will snowball and, in a way, pay itself forward. Amazing, right?!

So go ahead – start a gratitude journal.

Write down three things each day that you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. Do this every day.

If you do it in the evening before going to bed you’ll probably sleep better since you’re focused on what’s made you happy during the day, instead of the stressful things that might have occurred.

What are you grateful for today?

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What to do When Stuck at Home

Most of us have now experienced the toll that social distancing has taken on our minds. Although you feel like you would really, really love to get out and visit your friends and family, that may not be realistic and safe. In my previous blog post I wrote about not going insane and you may recognize some of my ideas from that post, but let me present to you a longer, more varied list to help you stay sane.

So if you’re stuck at home, here is a list of things you can do in the meantime:

Read good books. I mean, what would be the point of reading bad books? None, really. Some of my favorite books include How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People by Elizabeth B. Brown (not that I’m living with a screwed-up person – it’s just an interesting book on how to handle difficult ones).

Watch good video clips. Like on YouTube, or why not Ted Talks. There are tons of inspiring stuff out there, no need to watch depressing sh*t.

Take naps. They are awesome. If you’ve got nothing better to do, the nap is here for you.

Make a kick-ass playlist with your favorite songs and dance around your house.

Take a shower/bath. It will relax you and help you feel less stressed about being stuck. Just try not to think too much about being stuck.

Clean. Everything.

Yes – even those drawers where you put all of your utensils. If you have a big house you could be occupied for weeks. Make sure you get every single speck of dust.

Play with a pet. Doesn’t even have to be your own.

Bake stuff. Bread, cookies, cakes. Maybe you’ll start a bakery when this is all over.

Rearrange furniture. You could basically, perhaps, live in a new house by the time you’re allowed to have friends over again.

Video chat with loved ones.

Experiment with make-up. And hair styles. But maybe don’t do anything radical you might regret, like cutting your hair yourself.

Sing for your neighbors. You know, this is the perfect time. Since social distancing is advised the literally cannot force you to stop. So go on, use those pipes!

Create your own workout program. It can be as ridiculous as you choose. The important thing is to get moving and up from the comfy couch.

Have spa nights. Self-care, people! It’s more important than ever. And you can do it over and over and over again.

While you’re at it, light those candles up!

Make lists of what you’re going to do when all of this is over.

There you have it! And if you do want a good book to read you can always download the digital version of How to Find Inspiration right here:

Take care and stay safe!

The e-book of How to Find Inspiration is available here!

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How to Stay Sane While Isolated

I know most of you are in some way affected by this Corona crisis. Many of you are living in quarantine and being isolated.

Even if you’re not, you’re probably staying away from meeting up with friends and family for a while. So what can you do during this crazy time to stay sane?

Here’s a few ideas:

Reach out to your friends, family or neighbours and ask how they’re doing. Call them, or even better, video chat to see their faces. It makes a difference and I’m sure they would love to see you, even if it’s just through a screen.

Read good books. No surprise this is coming from yours truly. Personally, I’m reading a book about body languge, but I do have many books in my shelves to go through.

Don’t fall into the dark pit of the media. Seriously, how many times do you really want to be reminded of how many people are currently infected/has died? It’s not good for your mental health, so please, try to limit your intake of bad news.

Do continue to take showers. Even if you live alone and others won’t be disturbed by your smell, you will feel better if you take care of yourself.

Get some daily exercise. If you move enough to break a sweat for about 20 minutes, your brain will release happy hormones which will make you feel – that’s right – happier! If you can’t go outside, check out online classes or make up your own routine.

Take a walk in a park or forest if you can go outside. Something called forestbathing is amazing for your mental health and will, like working out, release those happy hormones.

Watch good movies/tv-series. By good I mean those that will make you feel happier. Here are some links to the lists of my personal favorites:

Inspiring Movies Part 1:

Inspiring Movies Part 2:

Inspiring TV-Series:

Do you have any tips on what to do while isolated? Please share in the comments.

Sending you lots of love!

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How to Find Inspiration – The Release

Bokomslag ebokRÄTT


It’s finally here! How to Find Inspiration was published on June 16th and it feels incredible, surreal and so very exciting. I’ve been moved by the response I’ve gotten from it so far and I’m truly grateful for all of your kind words!

If you haven’t heard of it yet feel free to check out the website here and follow the official account on Instagram here!

If you already know you want to get it you can click here: Buy now!

On another note, this summer I’ll be traveling to Califorina to create photos for a different book. Have you been there and what was your favorite place? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

How to Find Inspiration – The Book

Bokomslag ebokRÄTT

For the past year I’ve been working on my very own first book. It’s about different ways you can find inspiration and I’ve put a lot of time and research into it so that you won’t have to. I ended up with 100 ideas – but of course you can pick and choose the ones you’d like to try for yourself.

I’m very excited to announce that How to Find Inspiration will be available on June 16th!

Here is a bit of information about it:


”Do you often get that wonderful, exciting feeling of overwhelming inspiration? Do you often find yourself in different situations where this happens? Does this feeling occur to you naturally on a day-to-day basis?

Well, then you won’t need this book. I am truly very happy for you and wish you continued, eternal inspiration (you mythical creature)!
However, if you are not one of these few, unworldly people out there, this is the book for you!

100 fun, creative and easy-to-do ideas combined with inspirational quotes from – you guessed it! – inspirational people will lead you where you need to be in order to get your inspiration back on track.

The book does not only contain 100 inspirational ideas, it is also filled with photographs, thought-worthy quotes and some psychological aspects.

There are ideas for those wanting more adventure in their lives as well as for those who prefer to keep it simple.”


You can find out more about the book here

and check out the official Instagram profile here


The countdown has begun!

How to Find Inspiration will be available on the 16th of June!

Favourites of 2018

2018 was a truly interesting year. A lot happened; I got to photograph and meet amazing and wonderful new and old people, some which I’ve known for years. I wrote my first book about finding inspiration, learned more about psychology and traveled exclusively to new places (Czech Republic, Bratislava, Vienna, the Swedish mountains, Amsterdam and Gdansk). I kept working on my book about mental health and went to the University for my final semester before becoming a behaviorist. Well, the semester doesn’t officially end until January 2019, but it still feels like an end. It’ll be a new year with new beginnings.

I love to look back on all the photos from 2018. However, I must say it was quite difficult to pick out only a few from all the ones I loved. So instead of calling them my favorites of 2018, I’ll just call them some of my favourites. I hope you like them too and that you get to spend New Years Eve with the people you love!


Ali Ghafori in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Ioulia Koua in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Isabelle Åberg in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Weronika in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Me in Stockholm creating photos for my book in the ice cold winter


My friend in Stockholm with headpieces made by me

See more from this session here


Ioulia Koua in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Ali Ghafori in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Me in the Swedish mountains

Porträtt Fjällen


Me in the Swedish mountains (behind the scenes)


Isabelle Åberg in Stockholm

See more from this session here


Weronika in Stockholm

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Ioulia and Ali in Stockholm

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Att bli inspirerad – To find inspiration

(In english below)

Ibland fastnar man helt enkelt. I livet, gamla vanor eller tankemönster. Och poof! så är inspirationen borta. Känner du igen dig?

Antagligen gör du det, för de flesta har väl någon (eller snarare några!) gånger i livet tappat inspirationen. Vad gör man då när det händer och man vill få tillbaka den, även om man egentligen tror att den är för långt borta för att kunna nås?

För egen del har detta hänt ett antal gånger i olika tidslängder när det gäller fotograferandet. Så här kommer några råd som har fungerat för mig när det uppstår inspirationstorka (och en del av dessa exempel är möjliga att applicera på andra områden också, inte bara för fotografer):


Bläddra i tidningar

Och nej, nu menar jag inte nättidningar utan fysiska exemplar. Ni vet dem där som man gick till affären och köpte förr i tiden? Och som fortfarande går att köpa men som de yngre generationerna hellre läser på nätet? Exakt, det är dessa jag pratar om. Att faktiskt bläddra i en tidning är en helt annan upplevelse än att läsa på en digital skärm. Och faktiskt lite roligare. Det behöver inte handla om fotografi heller utan kan vara andra tidiningar som publicerar bilder i den genren som man själv fotograferar i. För till exempel modefotografer kan det vara Elle. För lifestyle-fotografer skulle det kunna vara Vanity Fair. För dokumentärfotografer eller naturfotografer kan det vara National Geographic. Och det bästa är att det inte ens måste vara de senaste exemplaren – utan man kan hitta riktigt billiga begagnade på second hand-butiker eller på nätet. Eller helt enkelt gå till biblioteket om budgeten är begränsad. Vilket leder oss i på nästa tips:

Woman reading books
Porträttfotografering i Eskilstuna

Titta igenom böcker

Även här förespråkar jag de fysiska varianterna som på den gamla goda tiden innan internet uppstod. Bläddra i gamla böcker som redan ligger hemma (gärna med bilder i), eller vandra till närmsta bibliotek och slå dig ner en eftermiddag (eller förmiddag om du till skillnad från mig är en morgonmänniska!). Till skillnad från i USA så har vi ännu inte en kultur som låter potentiella kunder sätta sig ner i bokaffärer och läsa böcker innan inköp, men skulle du råka befinna dig i staterna när du läser detta så kan jag varmt rekommendera ett besök till Barnes and Noble. Där välkomnas man att slå sig ner i deras fåtöljer och läsa böckerna – utan krav på köp. Och är det just utan köpkrav som du är ute efter kommer nu nästa tips:

Creative Live Website

Se Creative Lives livesändningar

Om du inte känner till Creative Live så är det hög tid att du gör det nu! Denna fantastiska sida startades av fotografen Chase som under sin nybörjarperiod tröttnade på att så många etablerade fotografer inte ville dela med sig av sina tips i branschen. Här har videoklipp från mängder av kreativa människor med olika föreläsningsteman spelats in, och både säljs och sänds gratis. Olika teman är ”photo and video”, ”art and design”, ”music and audio”, ”craft and maker” samt ”money and life”. Några deltagare från fotobraschen som förekommer är Sue Bryce, Pye Jirsa, Pratik Nalik, Jen Rozenbaum och Joe Buissink. Andra inspirerande talare är exempelvis Vanessa van Edwards som talar om kroppsspråk och ”people skills”, Sue B Zimmermann som talar om marknadsföring på sociala medier och Neil Patel som tipsar om hur man får trafik till sin nätbaserade verksamhet. Men det finns så mycket mer att utforska! Och varje dag har man möjlighet att helt gratis titta på olika livesändningar. Det finns även ett schema för ca 1-3 månader framåt där man kan boka in sig på det som intresserar en och få en påminnelse på mejlen när det börjar sändas. Låter det för bra för att vara sant? Ja det gör det, men det är ändå sant.



Stump Pass Beach State Park Florida
Stump Pass Beach State Park på Floridas västkust. Det var mitt första besök, så otroligt vackert och gav mig helt ny energi.

Besöka nya platser

Hur många gånger har du inte varit med om att en vistelse på en ny plats gett dig ny energi och inspiration? Antagligen många gånger. Så om du har möjlighet råder jag dig att åka iväg på nya äventyr. Det behöver inte ens vara speciellt långt borta utan kan vara en annan del av staden du bor i, eller en buss/tågresa bort.

Elisabeth&David Parfotografering Stockholm
Den här bilden skapades vid en sjö jag har besökt manga gånger. När det är helt vindstilla blir sjön som en enorm spegel, som den här kvällen.

Återbesök gamla platser

Ja, jag är helt seriös. Det ÄR möjligt att få inspiration från samma gamla miljö som man alltid befinner sig i. Det handlar helt enkelt om att bli uppmärksam. Säg att du tar samma promenad till affären/jobbet/skolan varje dag och tycker att samvaron börjar kännas lite väl dyster eller för lik alla andra dagar – då är det dags att börja leta efter de små detaljerna som kan inspirera. Efter min depression lärde jag mig att uppskatta det lilla i min vardag. Små blommor som tränger sig fram mellan springor i asfalten, känslan av solen i ansiktet efter en dag inomhus, färgerna och texturerna på byggnaderna jag gick förbi. Och nej, man behöver inte ha gått igenom en depression för att kunna uppskatta små detaljer, eller blir inspirerad av det lilla. Försök bara att se det du är van vid i nya vinklar eller perspektiv. Kanske den där väggen du brukar gå förbi skulle vara en perfekt bakgrund för din nästa porträttfotografering? Eller färgerna på husen runt omkring dig ger dig inspiration till ditt nästa projekt? Egentligen så finns det otroligt många möjligheter i omgivningen till att bli inspirerad! Personligen sitter jag ute i Stockholms skärgård när jag skriver detta efter att ha funderat över vad mitt nästa blogginlägg skulle handla om, och vips så kom inspirationen för detta inlägg!

Umgås med inspirerande människor

Jo jag vet att de fantastiska människorna jag skrev om som talar på Creative Live är oerhört inspirerande, men det kan faktiskt vara så att du har människor i din omgivning som också är det. Kanske har du vänner inom samma bransch som är positiva och ger dig energi, eller helt enkelt vänner som alltid gör dig på bra humör. Detta är källor till inspiration som är så lätt att förbise. Gå ut och ta med någon/några av dem på en fika/lunch/utekväll och se själv hur energin återvänder. För energi och inspiration skulle kunna ses som rätt så sammanflätade.

Titta igenom tidigare arbeten

Nu kanske ni tror att jag börjar spåra ur, men jag lovar att det är sista punkten och att den är viktig! Det är så enkelt som att gå tillbaka och titta på tidigare arbeten som du har utfört och är nöjd eller stolt över, och fundera över vad som fick dig att lyckas med dem. Var det platsen du gjorde det på, människorna du samarbetade med eller kanske hur du kände dig just då som gjorde att det blev så bra? Försök att hamna i något liknande tillstånd i det nya du vill göra, eller se bara om du helt enkelt får inspiration av att titta på det. Du kan även titta på gamla arbeten som du inte blev lika nöjd med och försöka göra om dem på ett bättre sätt. Om/när du lyckas med det så är det en stor sannolikhet att det leder till mer inspiration.


Om du har läst ända hit så vill jag tacka dig för att du tog dig tid att läsa hela vägen! Har du själv några tips på vad som kan öka inspirationen? Skriv gärna en kommentar och berätta!




Sometimes you just get stuck. In life, old habits or thoughts. Then poof! Your inspiration is gone. Does this sound like you?

You probably do, most people have some time (or many times!) during their lives lost their inspiration. So what do you do when this happens and it seems too far away to ever get it back?

It has happened many times for me in different time intervals when it comes to work. So here are some of my go to – examples for when the inspiration feels as dry as the desert (not just photography related):


Look through magazines

And no, I don’t mean internet ones, I mean the physical ones. You know those you used to go to the store to buy in the olden days? And that you can actually still buy, even though the younger generation probably usually read online? Yes, I’m talking about those. To really read through, touch and feel the magazine is a completely different experience than reading from a digital screen. And to be frank, a bit more fun. It doesn’t have to be specifically about the area you feel uninspired about either. As you probably know from before, inspiration can come from so many different things. And the best part is you don’t even have to look through the latest ones, you can find cheap magazines in second hand stores or buy online. Or even go to a library, especially If you’re on a tight budget. Which leads us to the next idea:

Woman reading books

Look through/read books

At this point I’m still voting for the physical ones. Look through the old books with beautiful or inspiring images you have at home, or go to the nearest library (or maybe even a friend!). Unlike the United States we don’t really have a culture of reading while in book stores here in Sweden, but if you do live in the USA or are visiting I can highly recommend a visit to one of their many book stores. I’m quite fond of Barnes and Noble myself so please go visit them and feel free to use one of ther many seating ares to look through their books. You won’t even feel the pressure to by any of them. Which leads us to:

Creative Live Website

Creative Live

If you haven’t heard of Creative Live it’s about time! This amazing website was founded by photographer Chase Jarvis who felt like there weren’t many free resources available when he wanted to learn his craft. Many photographers didn’t want to “give away their knowledge for free”, sort of in a way to hinder other people becoming as good as themselves, they were seen as competition. At this site you’ll find videos from several talented creatives, not just by and for photographers. The themes go from “photo and video”, “art and design”, “music and audio”, “craft and maker” to “money and life”. Some teachers from the photography business are Sue Bryce, Pye Jirsa, Pratik Nalik, Jen Rozenbaum and Joe Buissink. Other inspirational speakers are vanessa van Edwards talking about people skills, Sue B Zimmermann with social media marketing and Neil Patel giving ideas on how to grow traffic to your website. Of course there are so much more too! And each day you have the opportunity to watch selected videos for free. They publish a timeline for about 1-3 months ahead on which videos they will stream on specific dates. Does it sound too good to be true? Well yes, but it’s still true!


Stump Pass Beach State Park Florida
Stump Pass Beach State Park on the west coast of Florida. This was my first visit and it was so incredibly beautiful and gave me so much new energy.

Visit new places

How many times have you not experience the new energy you get from visiting a new place? Probably many times. So if you have the opportunity I suggest you go somewhere you haven’t been before. It doesn’t have to be far away, maybe just a short bus or train ride inside or outside of your own town.

Elisabeth&David Parfotografering Stockholm
This photo was created by a lake outside of Stockholm I’ve been to several times. It’s a beautiful place where the lake, when there’s no wind, becomes a huge mirror.

Revisit places you’ve been to

Yes, I’m serious. It IS possible to get newfound inspiration from the old, boring places you’ve been to before. It’s just about being curious. Let’s say you always take the same path to your local shop, work or school, and you feel like your days are getting too much like the other ones – then this is the time to start looking for the small details you could find inspiration from. After my depression I learned to appreciate the small things. Tiny flowers growing through the concrete pathways, the feeling of the sun shining on your face, the colours and textures on the buildings I walked past. And no, you don’t have to go through depression to see these things, you just look for them. Try to see old things from a new perspective or angle. Maybe that wall you walk by every day would be the perfect background for your next photo session? Or the colours of the houses gives you inspiration for your next project? There are actually so many ways you can find inspiration from your immediate surroundings. Personally I’m writing this while in the Stockholm Archipelago, where I’ve been many times, but suddenly I just felt so inspired.

Hang out with inspiring people

Yes I do know that the creative people I talked about at Creative Live are awesome and inspiring, but now I’ll talk about the ones you actually do know. Maybe you have friends in your own work area who gives you energy, or maybe you have friends who always makes you feel positive. These are people you want to keep and keep hanging out with. Go out with them and have coffe/lunch/dinner or something and watch your inspiration return. Energy and inspiration does go together.

Look at your previous work

So maybe you think I’m starting to loose it now, but I promise I’m not!This is about just going through what you’ve worked on before and what has been successful and what was less successful. Truly ask yourself why something did go great and made you proud, and try to find inspiration from that feeling you had when you made it happen. Or go through what you didn’t find successful and try to learn from it and get eager to do it better. If or when you do it again you’ll probably find even more inspiration.


If you’ve read this far I’d like to thank you! Do you have any tips on how to increase or just get yourself inspired? Please write a comment and let me know!

Varför fotografier är bästa presenten / Why printed photos make the best gift

(in English below)


Nu när vi närmar oss jul kan det vara dags att börja fundera över julklappsidéer. Kanske har inspirationen försvunnit och du vet inte vad du ska ge din älskling, mormor, bror eller vän? Varför inte ge dem något som de kan spara hela livet som ger dem glädje? Så vad är då den ultimata presenten?

Fotografier är det självklara svaret!

Här är några anledningar till varför det är den bästa julklappen:


Fotografierna påverkas inte av att din hårddisk slutar att fungera

Vet du hur lång livslängd en extern hårddisk har? Inte lika lång som ett fotografi! Läs om hållbarheten av externa hårddiskar HÄR.


Fotografier är lättillgängliga och går att ha på väggen, inramade i olika storlekar

Digitala filer visas i maximalt så stor som skärmen är, vilket inte är speciellt stor. Såvida du inte alltid sitter i soffan och tittar på bilder i tv:n (men vem gör egentligen det?). Fotografierna kan också behållas i italienska vackra fotoalbum vilket gör att bilderna uppskattas mer. Se exempel på dessa HÄR.


Känslan av att sitta och hålla i ett fotografi är oslagbart

Att faktiskt kunna känna fotografiet är en helt annan upplevelse än att bara titta på en digital skärm. Det känns helt enkelt mer äkta.


Fotografierna försvinner inte för att tekniken inte längre är kompatibel med disketter, cd-skivor, hårddiskar eller usb-minnen

Livslängden för dessa typer av format är så mycket kortare än vad fysiska fotografier har. Efter bara några år riskerar hårddisken att sluta fungera, och tekniken utvecklas hela tiden så vem vet om det faktiskt kommer vara möjligt, och smidigt, att plocka fram digitala filer från usb-minnet om några år? Läs om hur lång hållbarhet dessa typer av förvaringar för bilder kan hålla här.


Du blir påmind varje gång du går förbi den där vackra tavlan om vilken fantastisk stund du hade när fotot togs, och du ser själv att du/den du bryr dig om är vacker, speciell och förtjänar att synas i ditt hem

Det är inte bara trevligt att ha tavlor i sitt hem, utan även psykologiskt positivt. Att bli påmind om trevliga minnen, och att se tavlor på sig själv kan ge känslan av att känna sig viktig i en värld som kan få människor att känna sig som bara en i mängden. Det har gjorts studier på att barn som växer upp i hem där det finns bilder på dem känner sig mer betydelsefulla och som en viktig del av familjen.


Nu när dessa anledningar har övertygat dig att ge tavlor, album, porträttboxar eller liknande till dina nära och kära så är julen räddad!

Skriv gärna en kommentar och berätta vad du valde att ge bort!




5 reasons why printed photographs make the best Christmas gifts

With not too long until Christmas it’s about time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts. Perhaps you’re out of inspiration and don’t know what to give your loved ones? But do not stress, why not give them a gift they can treasure for the rest of their lives? Printed photographs is the answer!

Here are some reasons why printed photographs make the best gift:


Printed photos do not rely on your hard drive for access

Do you know how long the life span of an external hard drive is? Not as long as printed photographs! And who knows what happens in a few years when technology has evolved – you might not have easy access anymore. You can read about the life span of external hard drives here.


Printed photographs are easily accessible and can be put on your walls in beautiful frames and different sizes

The didigtal files can only be viewed as big as your screen. And that’s not that big. Unless you alwyas look at them in your TV (But who would really do that?). You can also keep your printed photos in beautiful, stylish albums. Like the Italian handmade ones shown here. Or use different frames, suitable for the home. Use large sizes for bigger impact, or a collection of smaller ones.


Simply holding a printed portrait is an exceptional feeling

You just can not compare the feeling of holding and touching printed photographs to looking at a digital screen. It’s true, ask anyone.


The printed photos will not disappear because of outdated floppy disks, hard drives, or USB-sticks

The life span of devises like these are so much shorter than those of physical prints. Instead, choose printed photographs which can survive for generations. Just look at your grandparent’s photographs! Read about why digital files may not be such a good option here.


You will be reminded every day you walk past that gorgeous framed photograph what an amazing moment you had when that was taken, and you’ll see yourself as the beautiful, special person that you are and are deserving of having wall art of yourself in your own home

It’s not only nice to have wall art in your home, it’s psychologically beneficial as well. To be reminded of pleasant memories and to see yourself in a beautiful way can give you the feeling of belonging in a world where you might feel like one among many others. Studies have shown that a child growing up in homes where their photographs are displayed gives them a sense of belonging, which makes them feel like an important part of the family.


So now you don’t have to feel stress about those Christmas gifts anymore! Please tell me in the comments what kind of printed photographs you chose for your loved ones this Christmas!