How to Stay Sane While Isolated

I know most of you are in some way affected by this Corona crisis. Many of you are living in quarantine and being isolated.

Even if you’re not, you’re probably staying away from meeting up with friends and family for a while. So what can you do during this crazy time to stay sane?

Here’s a few ideas:

Reach out to your friends, family or neighbours and ask how they’re doing. Call them, or even better, video chat to see their faces. It makes a difference and I’m sure they would love to see you, even if it’s just through a screen.

Read good books. No surprise this is coming from yours truly. Personally, I’m reading a book about body languge, but I do have many books in my shelves to go through.

Don’t fall into the dark pit of the media. Seriously, how many times do you really want to be reminded of how many people are currently infected/has died? It’s not good for your mental health, so please, try to limit your intake of bad news.

Do continue to take showers. Even if you live alone and others won’t be disturbed by your smell, you will feel better if you take care of yourself.

Get some daily exercise. If you move enough to break a sweat for about 20 minutes, your brain will release happy hormones which will make you feel – that’s right – happier! If you can’t go outside, check out online classes or make up your own routine.

Take a walk in a park or forest if you can go outside. Something called forestbathing is amazing for your mental health and will, like working out, release those happy hormones.

Watch good movies/tv-series. By good I mean those that will make you feel happier. Here’s a link to a list of my personal favorites:

Inspiring Movies Part 1:

Inspiring Movies Part 2:

Inspiring TV-Series:


Do you have any tips on what to do while isolated? Please share in the comments.


Sending you lots of love!

How to Find Inspiration – The Release

Bokomslag ebokRÄTT


It’s finally here! How to Find Inspiration was published on June 16th and it feels incredible, surreal and so very exciting. I’ve been moved by the response I’ve gotten from it so far and I’m truly grateful for all of your kind words!

If you haven’t heard of it yet feel free to check out the website here and follow the official account on Instagram here!

If you already know you want to get it you can click here: Buy now!

On another note, this summer I’ll be traveling to Califorina to create photos for a different book. Have you been there and what was your favorite place? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

How to Find Inspiration – The Book

Bokomslag ebokRÄTT

For the past year I’ve been working on my very own first book. It’s about different ways you can find inspiration and I’ve put a lot of time and research into it so that you won’t have to. I ended up with 100 ideas – but of course you can pick and choose the ones you’d like to try for yourself.

I’m very excited to announce that How to Find Inspiration will be available on June 16th!

Here is a bit of information about it:


”Do you often get that wonderful, exciting feeling of overwhelming inspiration? Do you often find yourself in different situations where this happens? Does this feeling occur to you naturally on a day-to-day basis?

Well, then you won’t need this book. I am truly very happy for you and wish you continued, eternal inspiration (you mythical creature)!
However, if you are not one of these few, unworldly people out there, this is the book for you!

100 fun, creative and easy-to-do ideas combined with inspirational quotes from – you guessed it! – inspirational people will lead you where you need to be in order to get your inspiration back on track.

The book does not only contain 100 inspirational ideas, it is also filled with photographs, thought-worthy quotes and some psychological aspects.

There are ideas for those wanting more adventure in their lives as well as for those who prefer to keep it simple.”


You can find out more about the book here

and check out the official Instagram profile here


The countdown has begun!

How to Find Inspiration will be available on the 16th of June!

How Self-Compassion Leads to Healthy Body-image

Have you noticed how we’re constantly reminded of our appearances? Friends are talking about what they’re dissatisfied with, some find it hard to accept compliments, media is consistently showing us how we should look by encouraging weight loss, workouts and the “right” way to look just – you guessed it – right. Often, these idealized images of beauty are making us feel inadequate since these standards are almost impossible to meet. I believe it’s more common among women than men, but this article is for everyone.

So what should we do when we’re being overwhelmed by this negative information?

The answer is self-compassion. We need to change the way we think about our bodies and ourselves. Instead of critiquing we need to change to appreciation and care.

These are a few ways self-compassion helps:


The media information are being put into perspective

This is one a the biggest sources of body-shaming. Not only the tips and ideas to become “perfect”, but also the stupid comments made by people sitting behind their screens, using their time to be mean to others. When looking at images of very fit people, try to remember how much time they’ve put into making their bodies look like that. But more importantly, remember how easy it is to manipulate images by making people look skinnier, more muscular or smoother. With the touch of a few buttons we’re now able to change our entire bodies before we post the photos. So don’t believe everything you see. And as a photographer, I can tell you that a lot of it has to do with shooting from the right angles. It can make a complete difference.


Self-compassion makes us aware of our physical state and appreciate our functions

If we only focus on what our bodies looks like, we miss appreciating how our bodies feel. That, in turn, leads us to not be aware of physical signs, like hunger, pleasure or pain. Not being self-compassionate makes us experience it from an outside perspective. Being self-compassionate will make you experience your body from the inside out – like you’re supposed to. Self-compassion has its roots in self-care and concern for our well-being, which makes us appreciate our bodies and motivate us to be kind to ourselves. This will also make us respect our bodies. And who wouldn’t want to feel like that?


Self-compassion will reduce self-punishment

If you aren’t self-compassionated you’re more likely to punish yourself for feeling undeserving. Like not eating the food you want because you didn’t get that workout done this morning.


You’ll se others as allies, not enemies

Self compassion will make you view others in a more humane way. You’ll realize that other people have their own struggles, and just because you believe someone is perfect it does not mean that they believe they are.


So just be kind to yourself, and others. It’s the nice thing to do.


Lovisa Portrait - Porträttfotografering Eskilstuna



Varför fotografier är bästa presenten / Why printed photos make the best gift

(in English below)


Nu när vi närmar oss jul kan det vara dags att börja fundera över julklappsidéer. Kanske har inspirationen försvunnit och du vet inte vad du ska ge din älskling, mormor, bror eller vän? Varför inte ge dem något som de kan spara hela livet som ger dem glädje? Så vad är då den ultimata presenten?

Fotografier är det självklara svaret!

Här är några anledningar till varför det är den bästa julklappen:


Fotografierna påverkas inte av att din hårddisk slutar att fungera

Vet du hur lång livslängd en extern hårddisk har? Inte lika lång som ett fotografi! Läs om hållbarheten av externa hårddiskar HÄR.


Fotografier är lättillgängliga och går att ha på väggen, inramade i olika storlekar

Digitala filer visas i maximalt så stor som skärmen är, vilket inte är speciellt stor. Såvida du inte alltid sitter i soffan och tittar på bilder i tv:n (men vem gör egentligen det?). Fotografierna kan också behållas i italienska vackra fotoalbum vilket gör att bilderna uppskattas mer. Se exempel på dessa HÄR.


Känslan av att sitta och hålla i ett fotografi är oslagbart

Att faktiskt kunna känna fotografiet är en helt annan upplevelse än att bara titta på en digital skärm. Det känns helt enkelt mer äkta.


Fotografierna försvinner inte för att tekniken inte längre är kompatibel med disketter, cd-skivor, hårddiskar eller usb-minnen

Livslängden för dessa typer av format är så mycket kortare än vad fysiska fotografier har. Efter bara några år riskerar hårddisken att sluta fungera, och tekniken utvecklas hela tiden så vem vet om det faktiskt kommer vara möjligt, och smidigt, att plocka fram digitala filer från usb-minnet om några år? Läs om hur lång hållbarhet dessa typer av förvaringar för bilder kan hålla här.


Du blir påmind varje gång du går förbi den där vackra tavlan om vilken fantastisk stund du hade när fotot togs, och du ser själv att du/den du bryr dig om är vacker, speciell och förtjänar att synas i ditt hem

Det är inte bara trevligt att ha tavlor i sitt hem, utan även psykologiskt positivt. Att bli påmind om trevliga minnen, och att se tavlor på sig själv kan ge känslan av att känna sig viktig i en värld som kan få människor att känna sig som bara en i mängden. Det har gjorts studier på att barn som växer upp i hem där det finns bilder på dem känner sig mer betydelsefulla och som en viktig del av familjen.


Nu när dessa anledningar har övertygat dig att ge tavlor, album, porträttboxar eller liknande till dina nära och kära så är julen räddad!

Skriv gärna en kommentar och berätta vad du valde att ge bort!




5 reasons why printed photographs make the best Christmas gifts

With not too long until Christmas it’s about time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts. Perhaps you’re out of inspiration and don’t know what to give your loved ones? But do not stress, why not give them a gift they can treasure for the rest of their lives? Printed photographs is the answer!

Here are some reasons why printed photographs make the best gift:


Printed photos do not rely on your hard drive for access

Do you know how long the life span of an external hard drive is? Not as long as printed photographs! And who knows what happens in a few years when technology has evolved – you might not have easy access anymore. You can read about the life span of external hard drives here.


Printed photographs are easily accessible and can be put on your walls in beautiful frames and different sizes

The didigtal files can only be viewed as big as your screen. And that’s not that big. Unless you alwyas look at them in your TV (But who would really do that?). You can also keep your printed photos in beautiful, stylish albums. Like the Italian handmade ones shown here. Or use different frames, suitable for the home. Use large sizes for bigger impact, or a collection of smaller ones.


Simply holding a printed portrait is an exceptional feeling

You just can not compare the feeling of holding and touching printed photographs to looking at a digital screen. It’s true, ask anyone.


The printed photos will not disappear because of outdated floppy disks, hard drives, or USB-sticks

The life span of devises like these are so much shorter than those of physical prints. Instead, choose printed photographs which can survive for generations. Just look at your grandparent’s photographs! Read about why digital files may not be such a good option here.


You will be reminded every day you walk past that gorgeous framed photograph what an amazing moment you had when that was taken, and you’ll see yourself as the beautiful, special person that you are and are deserving of having wall art of yourself in your own home

It’s not only nice to have wall art in your home, it’s psychologically beneficial as well. To be reminded of pleasant memories and to see yourself in a beautiful way can give you the feeling of belonging in a world where you might feel like one among many others. Studies have shown that a child growing up in homes where their photographs are displayed gives them a sense of belonging, which makes them feel like an important part of the family.


So now you don’t have to feel stress about those Christmas gifts anymore! Please tell me in the comments what kind of printed photographs you chose for your loved ones this Christmas!