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Den första bilden togs norr om Stockholm vid en liten insjö. Vädret var helt perfekt den här dagen och hela himlen med solnedgången speglades i vattnet. Klicka här för att komma till inlägget.

Skärmavbild 2018-02-04 kl. 19.29.09

What a beautiful thing it is to stand tall and say ”I fell apart, and I survived”.

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Tropiskt regn

Efter att ha kommit en bra bit in i den tropiska regnskogen i Ocala, Florida, drog ovädret in över oss. Detta var den sista bilden som togs innan vi flydde. Hela beskrivningen från äventyret finns under bilden!

Skärmavbild 2018-02-01 kl. 21.59.48

Tropical rain
When we went to the incredible Ocala National Forest in central Florida there were these trails you could hike to truly see the wonderful nature. The thing was, right before we started walking, a lady in the park told us there had been several sightings and encounters with black bears. They even had a sign saying ”Be bear aware” (which of course I thought was funny at first since Björns name is actually bear in swedish). But that was until I asked about what to do if you see a bear. Basically you’re screwed if one decides to attack. It runs and climbs faster than humans so the best thing you can do is stand still, make noises and never EVER turn your back on it. And hope it’s not having a bad day.
So with that information we were thrilled to check out the forest by ourselves. (Not-but we went anyway)
I was pretty nervous so I sang and stomped the entire time until we reached a pond where an alligator was chillin. That was the perfect spot for one of my portraits for the book. I had just changed into the dress and Björn took this one – and the sky opened up. During hurricane season you don’t get much of a warning before it starts to pour. After this we ran to the nearest camping groung until the thunder and rain had passed. I kind of like this one though, and you can see the rain in it.

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Det här med att skriva ut fotografier – visst tycker ni att det är så mycket roligare att faktiskt se era vackra bilder istället för att låta dem glömmas bort på en hårddisk någonstans? Det tycker jag med!

Länk till inlägget finns här.

mock up poster with vintage hipster loft interior

When I go to different homes I always imagine what the empty walls would look like with printed photographs. In my own apartment I love to switch out my wall art from time to time, but I could never not have art displayed in my home. And did you know that kids growing up in homes with photos displayed of themselves will psychologically make them feel a deeper sense of belonging than the kids living in homes without their photos displayed?
My parents have an entire wall filled with photographs of me and my siblibgs from when we grew up and I LOVE it!
So go and print some of your photos now!

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    1. Tack så mycket Ewa! Ja visst är det roligt att byta ut bilder och variera. Och vilken bra idé att exempelvis välja bilder från resor!


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